Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete the Logbook Training and Portfolio of Evidence

This should take between four to six months.

What happens if I need help and how often may I ask for help?

We are always available to help. The RPL process consists of completing assignments (portfolio of evidence) which prove prior knowledge and experience. So we would not be training you but always available for guidance. Please contact Joan 24/7 on 021-7884672.

What about workshops for RPL?

Workshops are not used for training in RPL. They are for guidance purposes. When required we supply workshops. When we register for NQF4 RPL we have an orientation workshop.

Please tell me about PDE

The Professional Designated Examination is done through the EAAB. It is done after the NQF4 and 5. It needs to be done within two years of certification for NQF4 and NQF5. Please become well acquainted with the learning material (which may also be ordered from the EAAB) so that the core unit standards/issues are well understood. Then please book for the open book exam, through the EAAB which is a 4 hour exam with a pass mark of 50%. This is held four times a year in different areas.

Must I have Matric?
If no Matric then please register with us for the Matric portfolio which will cover literacy and numeracy.
What if I have Matric but do not have Matric Maths?

Please register with us for the Maths portfolio.

When do I write the exam?

There is no exam for NQF4, only a portfolio of evidence to complete which consists of assignments.

How long will it take to be assessed?

Assessment will take two to six weeks from the time the portfolio is returned. You are then found competent or not yet competent (in which latter case we are given an opportunity for remediation).

Can I make arrangements to pay off?
You may complete a debit order for payment over 6 months. Please contact us.
What do I receive once I have registered?

We send you a hard copy and electronic portfolio with guidelines, explanations and assignments to be completed.

How long will it take to get my certificate?

We will let you know, whether you are found competent or not yet competent, within a short period of receiving your portfolio. Once the process is completed, that is internal moderator, and external verifier/moderator have completed their work, then we can give you proof of your competence. The SETA has a backlog with regard to issuing certificates. At the moment plan for about 4 – 6 months but it may take longer.

What must I do first?

Please complete our registration form and we’ll send you further info by email.

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